I might invite you to join me in This Dance, or a Comfort for the Human Limits of Understanding. (293 Words)


I might invite you to join me in this dance. Glass half empty, yes, I said half empty. This dance is…This dance is nothing, really. Except everything.

This dance is life. This dance is meaningless and it is all the meanings. I might invite you to join me in this dance of figuring it all out, which means just conquering the goddamn day. Just figuring out, what the hell today will be: how many minutes for this? For sweeping? for having sex, for eating…how many minutes before I go?

I might invite you into deeper trust in this concert of life, where truly, you do not know how the black notes play with the white. I might invite you to see what I have planned, but it’s better if you don’t know, because I want you to stay on the right side of things, and I want you to feel sane.

I might keep you in my arms if you stop squirming, if you let me hold you. Humans are always trying to wriggle away because their eyesight makes them nervous. (And who knows what fears are held onto in that tiny mind.)

Open your mind. Be closer to people and things and animals that make sense in your sleeping dreams where the clouds keep rolling away revealing the sun. Open your eyes in a Wider Place and be with it. Be with whatever finds you in the Wider Place. If you could see what I see, you’d be–well, you’d be Me, and that’s not what you are.

Be what you Are.

Be cautious of knowing too much too fast too long. Be in love with humanity and all its falling glory. All its beautiful–mmm–stuff. Be in love, my love.

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