How was America American before America?


I also want to explore this.


Museums always feel so much like monuments to holes and the holes are me and I walk through the space and fill in the museum with what should be there.

List of museums visited in New Orleans:


The Cabildo Museum

The Voodoo Museum

The Voodoo Authentica exhibit


Ashe Cultural Art Center

 jackson square

                   congo square


the tomb of the unknown slaves

the mississippi river

the Satchmo festival


walked past the Museum of Death


Walked past every voodoo store

in the french quarter and

anywhere else were near-y a black person

could be found

benefiting from the sale

of the fake, watered-down plastic magic

assumed to be voodoo


I did not visit the grave where Marie Laveau is believed to be buried


Because I know she is not buried there.

Nor is her image captured in the replica of the original fake image

in the Cabildo Museum


What White Folks don’t understand is that

Laveau would never be seen

unless she wanted to be


and why would she want

to be

filled in and lied on

and speculated about

by people who get drunk

and then head to the “voodoo store”

to “hex” their ex-boyfriends?


Do you think she didn’t see that coming?

Do you think she didn’t know

that the mammie postcards

sold in the nostalgia section

of every gift shop I entered in the french quarter

would be coming after she died?


Marie Laveau is not buried anywhere one has to pay

$20.00 to walk over her



She was carried out. over and

cross the bayou somewhere


look for a dissimilar cypress



the one that smells a little


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